Welcome to LR2 Real Estate Investors & Land Developers, LLC. We are a full service real estate investment firm that specializes in distressed real estate in the Palm Beach County, FL area, Atlanta, GA, Macon County, GA, and Chattanooga, TN area, Dayton, OH areas.

We work with distressed and motivated sellers to help them come up with the best solutions for their housing problems.We also work with real estate investors, seasoned and novice, to provide them with the best real estate investment for their money. This is achieved by assigning your account to only one person so that you will receive the personalize attention you deserve.

At LR2 Real Estate Investors & Land Developers, LLC we pride ourselves on having integrity and treating our clients, both sellers and investors, with the utmost respect. We understand that every situation is unique therefore we take the time to customize our services to best suit your needs in order to achieve an outcome that is pleasant and profitable for you.

So what are you waiting for? Call or email us today so we can start immediately creating solutions for your housing headaches. At LR2 Real Estate Investors & Land Developers, LLC our motto is “Investing in our Heritage Today to Leave a Legacy for Tomorrow”.

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